I spent my entire professional career with the Atlanta Police Department. I worked my way up from a young recruit to a Lieutenant commanding one of the toughest units in the department. I considered myself a tough, veteran woman, who not only knew the pain of childbirth but also a woman who had wrestled her share of criminal suspects.  

Nevertheless, I must admit, I had never experienced anything like the pain I felt when a truck crashed into my car as I traveled to work one morning. My back and my neck were on fire! I couldn’t work, I couldn’t concentrate, and I needed help. 

A friend suggested that I call Paul Howard. Paul got me the medical help I needed and I was able to return to my job at the police department. 

Within a couple of months, after I hired Paul, I received a large check from the accident. I used that check to help me purchase my dream vacation home. 

Paul still communicates with my family and me today. He has never forgotten MY NAME.

Ruth Price, Former Atlanta Police Commander