These results are from real cases representing real people.

At The Paul Howard Law Firm, we believe in getting you the most for your case. Not just financially, but we want to win cases that give you peace of mind. We care about the details and we care about providing you with attention and communication to ensure you are heard. Here are some cases where we’ve achieved big wins.

Recent Cases Won

Criminal Defense Gets Innocent Defendant Acquitted

“My brother was charged by local prosecutors with the brutal murder of a 25-year-old male. Police claimed my brother used an automatic weapon to shoot this young man more than 30 times. My brother was charged with murder, thrown into jail, and was denied any opportunity for bond.

My family and I were paralyzed with fear believing he would spend his entire life behind bars for a crime he never committed. We were not familiar with the criminal justice system and, most importantly, we knew nothing amount hiring a lawyer to represent my brother.

We talked to several attorneys who immediately started discussing some form of plea with the prosecutors for these outrageous charges. My family wanted a lawyer who was willing to fight for my brother’s freedom.

A family friend suggested that if we wanted a real fighting warrior, we should call Paul Howard. Mr. Howard got involved with the case and everything changed immediately. He never bragged about the size of his staff or how many cases he had won in the past. He never made outlandish promises about the outcome of the upcoming trial. All he did was to look us straight in the eye and suggest we get buckled up for the fight. And fight he did!

His investigation of the matter was superb. He discovered witnesses and evidence that the State had completely overlooked. His closing argument was so compelling; I saw my brother smile for the first time. In less than an hour, the jury acquitted my brother.

Mr. Howard, several years later, spoke at my mother’s funeral. This man will fight and never forget YOUR NAME.

Pam Bates, Corporate MAnagement Directress, Management Consultant

Personal Injury Case Win Lands Former Police Commander Her Dream Home

I spent my entire professional career with the Atlanta Police Department. I worked my way up from a young recruit to a Lieutenant commanding one of the toughest units in the department. I considered myself a tough, veteran woman, who not only knew the pain of childbirth but also a woman who had wrestled her share of criminal suspects.  

Nevertheless, I must admit, I had never experienced anything like the pain I felt when a truck crashed into my car as I traveled to work one morning. My back and my neck were on fire! I couldn’t work, I couldn’t concentrate, and I needed help. 

A friend suggested that I call Paul Howard. Paul got me the medical help I needed and I was able to return to my job at the police department. 

Within a couple of months, after I hired Paul, I received a large check from the accident. I used that check to help me purchase my dream vacation home. 

Paul still communicates with my family and me today. He has never forgotten MY NAME.

Ruth Price, Former Atlanta Police Commander

Big Law Firm Fails Civil Suit, Hires Paul Howard To Save His Business After Big Law Firm Fails

A baseless lawsuit was filed against me in Federal Court here in Atlanta. I hired a large Atlanta law firm to represent me. I felt my Civil Rights had been violated. 

The big law firm failed to do the things necessary to represent me adequately and the next thing I knew my business bank accounts were frozen, and I could not pay my employees or my business bills. 

My restaurant business and my entire career appeared to be over! A friend suggested that I call Paul Howard. Within a couple of days, Mr. Howard went into court, got my bank accounts unfrozen, and eventually the lawsuit was dismissed. 

Not only was my business saved, but I was able to acquire a number of other restaurants because of Paul. 

The one thing I like about Paul is he still talks with me today. He has never forgotten MY NAME.

Leon Goodrum, Restaurant Owner, Entrepreneur