Your Injuries Are Not Your Fault! File for a Premises Liability Claim

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. But if an accident you’re involved in is someone else’s fault, stand up and fight for your rights. Call a personal injury lawyer to help you get compensated for your injuries.

Premises Liability In A Nutshell

When you get injured on another person’s property and believe that it’s due to the property’s poor and unsafe conditions, don’t hesitate to file a premises liability case against the owner. The Paul Howard Law Firm is well-equipped to help you prove that your injury resulted from the property owner’s negligence–whether it’s their failure to fix the problem or their failure to warn people about it.

An Atlanta Lawyer With A Resolute And Surefire Approach

Our team understands that holding a negligent property owner accountable is not that simple. It takes many years of experience handling premises liability cases before a lawyer develops a foolproof prosecution strategy. That’s where we come in. Our vast experience and documented wins make us one of the go-to law firms in Atlanta when filing for premises liability claims.

At The Paul Howard Law Firm, we know your name, and we understand your struggles on a more personal level. We strive to be a place where people from underserved communities can find hope for their cases and enjoy the same opportunities. Count on us to provide you with the best legal counsel and representation.

How Do You Know If You Should File For A Premises Liability Claim

Negligence-related accidents can happen anywhere—at the workplace, parking lot, mall, or even your neighbor’s house. To give you an idea of when to consider filing a premises liability claim, here are some valid grounds:

Absence of warning signs and protective fixtures meant to prevent ice or snow accidents

Inadequate or improper maintenance of the premises prompting health concerns and compromised structural integrity

Lack of building security leading to intrusion, robbery, assault, and other crimes

Insufficient or lack of warning signs about the presence of dogs or other animals that may attack and hurt people

Any form of swimming pool accident, including slip and fall and skin irritation due to water contamination

Escalator or elevator malfunction or defect leading to accidents

The Paul Howard Law Firm Will Win the Battle for You

Most civil courts handle premises liability cases based on the principles of comparative fault. They consider contributory factors, such as your negligence, when deciding whether you are entitled to damages and how much compensation you can receive. If they find out that you are partly at fault for your injury, they sometimes reduce payment or refuse to award it all together.

This is just one of the many obstacles we can help you overcome after pressing premises liability charges. With the help of a personal injury lawyer who has considerable experience with premises liability cases, you have a fighting chance of getting compensated for your pain and suffering. Get the legal counsel you need, and let us shed light on the process and help you understand how we will work out a strong case for you.

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