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Protect your privacy and company interests through legal solutions with a personal touch. The Paul Howard Law Firm helps famous personalities and businesses maintain confidentiality and compliance with the law. Whether you need a confidentiality agreement or legal representation against a corporate lawsuit, we’re here to help.

Professional and Celebrity Clients Who Desire Professionalism and Confidentiality

Fame is a double-edged sword. Once you become a celebrity, you get to enjoy certain privileges regular people can only dream of having. But the more famous you are, the harder it is for you to lead a quiet and private life. Fans and paparazzi will follow you anywhere you go, even in your private residence. Hiring and welcoming strangers into your home runs the risk of personal and sensitive information leaked to the press or social media.

While famous personalities presumably trade their privacy for a successful career, they have the freedom to keep some information confidential. If you are a well-known professional, businessman, sports personality, singer, or actor who does projects in which sharing of personal data is involved, consider hiring a lawyer to help you draft and enforce a confidentiality agreement.

A confidentiality agreement is designed to safeguard information about yourself that is unknown to the public and has the potential to affect your career adversely. It outlines the non-disclosure obligation of any third-party provider or individual who you expect to witness your private life or have access to some of your possessions. Whether you are hiring a housekeeper, personal trainer, or assistant, see that you get them to sign a confidentiality agreement. This type of contract offers several benefits:

It allows you to speak and behave around other people genuinely and comfortably.

You can act normally off-camera without worrying that the people close to you might make up stories about you and share them with the press.

It makes you eligible to charge anyone who reveals your personal information during and after the project.

While no law requires hiring a lawyer to draft and process your professional and confidentiality documents, it is a wise move. If executed correctly with a lawyer’s help, a confidentiality agreement can be legally binding and difficult to contest during a trial. Call The Paul Howard Law Firm or fill out an online form to get the best legal help possible.

Companies and Organizations with Special Legal Needs

In situations where your business needs legal counsel or representation, call The Paul Howard Law Firm. We are an expert at anything corporate, be it business incorporation and lawsuits or copyright advice and zoning compliance. We help small businesses, nonprofits, and big brands meet their unique legal needs.


Businesses facing lawsuits are not uncommon in a heavily regulated society. Surprisingly, many companies only see the importance of professional legal services when it’s too late. Whether you are being sued for employment discrimination, breach of contract, or tort, a quick resolution can prevent escalations that can damage your brand. Bring us on board, and let’s work towards creating a foolproof defense strategy.

Human Resources

It takes expert eyes to ensure that your recruitment process and employment policy comply with federal laws and Georgia’s Labor Code. With our help, you can efficiently defend your brand position in employment matters and alleviate risks in HR-related decision-making. Many companies across Atlanta trust The Paul Howard Law Firm to represent their management interests.

Debt Collection

Uncollected customer debts often precede financial problems that ripple across your business or organization. Depending on who owes your company, recovering your money may take more than civil discourse. Escalating the situation by taking it to court may be the best solution, and you will need a lawyer to make that happen. We can provide you with legal counsel and represent you in court.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Transferring or consolidating company ownership or operating units is a convoluted and sensitive process that entails strict compliance with the law and has little room for error. Even a slight mistake could result in antitrust issues, exorbitant information verification costs, and a series of legal liabilities. We are here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Our team can help structure the transactions, manage due diligence investigation, and more.

Environment Protection

If your business involves processes that directly affect the environment—for instance, manufacturing, construction, or filtration—you need a legal team to help keep your company compliant with environmental laws. Examples of federal laws your business should comply with include the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act. If the federal government files a complaint against your company, we’d be more than eager to represent you in court.

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