A Civil Rights Lawyer In Atlanta Who Is Ready To Defend You In Any Court

If you are a victim of discrimination or abuse, don’t be afraid. The Paul Howard Law Firm will stand up for you and help you fight back.

We are proud to be among the few law firms in Atlanta, Georgia, representing underserved communities and other sectors whose civil rights are often under threat. We examine the facts surrounding each case we handle and work meticulously towards proving any violations in court and securing the compensation our clients deserve and need for their recovery.

But how do you know if your civil rights were violated? When do you call Paul Howard Jr. to prosecute? Here are some examples of civil rights violations:

A property owner or landlord refuses to accept you because of your race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

Your employer pays you less than your colleagues for the same job even if you are equally qualified based on your gender.

You are applying for a job, and during the interview, your potential employer asks if you were ever arrested or if you have a disability.

A bystander calls the police on you, assuming you pose a threat because of your skin color.

Knowing the different situations in which your civil rights may be under threat is critical to upholding the law and putting discriminatory practices to an end. Our team can help you achieve both goals through effective legal representation. Whether or not the at-fault party is aware of the crime they are committing, it’s essential to call them out and sue them if necessary.

Types of Civil Rights Cases

If you have experienced a violation of your civil rights, let our experienced and knowledgeable attorney handle the rest. You have several options if you choose to take action. You can negotiate informally, file a claim, or contact a civil rights attorney to represent you. Here is a sample list of civil rights cases The Paul Howard Law Firm can take on:

Gender Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Employment Discrimination

Housing Discrimination

Discrimination based on Age, Race, Color, Religion, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation

Hate Crimes

Police Brutality

False Arrest

Racial Profiling

Your Civil Rights And Our Sworn Duty

Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discriminating against people based on the color of their skin, religion, national origin, or gender is considered a criminal offense. This law protects citizens from mistreatment, assault, and denial of services, employment, or access to places of public accommodation and government assistance on those grounds. Simply put, the law ensures that everyone is treated equally.

We have a duty to make sure that anyone who violates your civil rights pays for it. No one should be allowed to get away with the mistreatment of another human being. If you’ve been a victim of discrimination or abuse of authority, do not hesitate to come forward. Our team will fight for you until you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

For decades, Paul Howard Jr. has fought for the rights of a wide variety of underrepresented individuals who have experienced various forms of discrimination. Whether it’s racial profiling or unjust actions taken by authorities toward minority populations, we have the expertise to lay down a winning case.

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